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     I am an avid gamer, retro gamer, VR advocate, film geek, and full time freelance composer / sound designer with over 17 years of game audio and music experience.  I have scored games across many platforms including the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and iOS.


    A few of the games I have scored include Shadowgate VR - The Mines of Mythrok (Zojoi, Oculus Quest), Stranger Things : The Game (bonus XP / Netflix), Day of Infamy (new world interactive), Onward (downpour interactive), Shadowgate (Zojoi), Lifeless Planet (stage2studios), Insurgency (New World Interactive), Carnivroes Reborn (Digital Dreams Entertainment), Takedown: Red Sabre (Serellan), and Evochron Mercenary (SW3D) all of which are currently available on STEAM.  


I'm proud to say that I'm a Dallas, Texas native.. but am currently residing in a small town near Austin to focus more on not only my music, but my family as well.




    Before venturing into full time sound and music freelance work I graduated from The Guildhall at SMU in 2005 with a focus in level design.  Shortly thereafter, I was hired by Id Software as a sound designer / composer / level designer.  And yes, John Carmack is as smart as you think, smarter, and a heck of a nice guy!  While at Id, I composed all of the music and sound heard in Orcs and Elves (EA/Id Mobile) as well as Orcs and Elves 2 (EA/Id Mobile) as well as tackled designing a handful of the levels within the game.


    The following year, I moved to Paradigm Entertainment (THQ), acting as the lone audio technician (audio director). While there, I had the opportunity to compose the majority of the music heard in Stuntman Ignition (THQ/Paradigm) as well as implement and mix all of the audio heard in game.

     Regardless of your budget, time frame, or type / amount of music and sound you need I'm your guy!  I can also implement sound for your game as I am very knowledgeable with how dev pipelines work, have loads of experience with game development software such as Unity, and have experience with a variety of implementation techniques and adaptive music structures.  I would be happy to create, implement, and mix all of the music and sound for YOUR game, so please head on over to the contact page and get in touch!

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