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"Melodies Unleashed, Richly Composed."


I am Rich Douglas, an accomplished and innovative composer known for my exceptional contributions to the world of music. With a deep passion for storytelling, I blend genres to create captivating and emotionally charged soundscapes.

I have composed for various media, including notable game scores such as "Shadowgate VR," "Insurgency," "Stranger Things: The Game," and "Lifeless Moon." My music enhances narratives, capturing the essence of each project and leaving a lasting impression on audiences.  Formerly the audio director for Paradigm Entertainment, a THQ company, I have collaborated with renowned filmmakers, game developers, and TV producers. My professionalism, dedication, and exceptional musical prowess have earned industry recognition. Graduating from the Guildhall at SMU in Cohort 2 with a focus on game design, I have a versatile approach, seamlessly blending orchestral arrangements with electronic textures and ethnic influences. This creates a distinct and immersive sonic experience.


With boundless creativity and an unwavering dedication to my craft, I continue to captivate audiences with evocative compositions. My ability to blend diverse musical styles, coupled with my storytelling expertise, cements my position as a revered composer in the world of music.

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