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"The Rich Douglas-composed soundtrack is majestic and mysterious, and Board uses it sparingly to preserve its power to move you. It is genuinely impressive to arrive at a Lifeless Planet vista, received by a stirring musical crescendo. It’s a place that deserves a more compelling reason for you to visit it."

- Kill Screen Daily 

"The soundtrack's a twitchy, shimmering pleasure."

- Eurogamer 

"There are places where the sweeping landscapes and subtle orchestral soundtrack come together so perfectly that I just had to stand and stare for a moment."

- PC Gamer 

"It also contains such a well executed soundtrack that was very reminiscent of the Mass Effect series, and always seemed to perfectly set the mood for whatever was going on at that exact moment. In fact, I highly recommend playing through Lifeless Planet using a set of headphones."

- whats your tag blog 

"With any great story, there comes an amazing soundtrack. To me, Lifeless Planet feels more like a movie than a video game. Each scene had its music composed and tailored to the player’s emotions."

- The Critical Gamer 


"Almost as memorable as the punishing puzzles and gruesome deaths Shadowgate is known for, the game’s iconic soundtrack is also back and better than ever, as the NES version’s composer Hiroyuki Masuno’s incredible original score has received a triumphant orchestral return courtesy of Rich Douglas (though you can still select the original 8-bit score in the options menu if you’re feeling nostalgic). The newly composed renditions of the classic theme add an epic feel the to the proceedings, filled with driving percussion and haunting melodies that perfectly suit the game’s varied environments."




"The orchestral soundtrack provides a perfect complement to the sinister mood of your journey through the castle, and there’s a number of musical cues, such as the staccato suspense theme that plays when a torch is about to run out, which augment the haunting atmosphere."



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