Not only am I an accomplished composer, but I have some serious SOUND DESIGN chops as well.  I have loads of experience with field recording, dialogue recording, sound editing, sound creation, and making games sound amazing in general!  I was previously the audio director at a THQ company called Paradigm Entertainment

Presented here are sound and video examples which feature some of my sound design work.

Everything you hear was recorded, designed, mixed, mastered, and composed by me.  Enjoy!


Trailer for Laser Tag Game TZUUM
100% devoid of sound before I got ahold of it.


SHADOWGATE - First 10 minutes
Features ADAPTIVE music score and all Sound design heard within is mine as well


Stranger Things Season 3 The Game (BonusXP / Netflix, 2019)

Argonus and the Gods of Stone (Zojoi, 2019)

Hooky Crook (BonusXP / Rogue, 2018)

Hero Academy 2 (Bonus XP / Robot Ent, 2018)

Stranger Things: The Game (Bonus XP / Netflix, 2017)

The Incorruptibles (Bonus XP, 2015)

Shadowgate (Zojoi, 2014)

Stan Lee's Verticus (Moon Shark, 2012)

Stuntman Ignition (THQ, 2007)

Xbox 360, PS3

Orcs and Elves 1 & 2 (Id Software, 2006)

Nintendo DS, Mobile

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Teaser for unreleased game
I did all of the music and sound heard within


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